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User & Role Management

Adding Roles

  1. Every new business comes with some default roles – Admin & Cashier.
     has all permissions in the application.
    Cashier has permission to only the POS section.
  2. You can create a role by clicking the Add button -> Giving a role name and then selecting the appropriate permission for that role.
  3. Sometime you may need to give the user access to a/some particular location(s) only. In this case, select the locations from “Access locations” permission. Select “All Locations” to give permission to access all locations for your business.
  4. Roles permissions can be edited & Deleted.

Note: You must update the role of an existing user before deleting a role.

Adding users

  1. User Management -> Users -> Add New
  2. Fill the user details, select user role, give a unique username.
  3. Sales Commission Percentage (%): Provide the commission % for this user. This option gets applied if the commission agent feature is enabled. 
  4. Is active?: Activate/Deactivate the user.
  5. You can edit/delete a user.
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