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Adding Multiple Locations or Storefronts

Green Leaf comes with the option to handle multiple business locations or Storefronts for your business.

A default location is added to the newly created business.

Invoice Scheme: Before creating a new location or storefront, you can define a new Invoice scheme or you can use existing invoice schemes. But having different invoice schemes for locations can help you to identify them.
The Invoice Scheme is invoice number format. (Read More)

Invoice Layout: If you wish to have a different invoice layout for the location then you should create an invoice layout before creating a new location. (Read More)

You can always change the invoice scheme & Invoice Layout for a Business location anytime.

  1. To create a new Business Location or Storefront go to “settings -> Business Locations”
  2. Fill in the new business details.
  3. Choose an Invoice scheme & Invoice Layout for the location.

– With multiple locations, you will need to select the Location while adding purchases or on the pos screen.

  • Inventory and transactions are managed separately for each location you create so that you can easily track and analyze them for each location.
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