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[MODULE] WebShop for Green Leaf

NOTE: This module only works with Green Leaf V2.11 or higher.

What is WebShop Module for Green Leaf?

WebShop is a Separate and Optional module for the Green Leaf system but a must have for those that want to offer online ordering via their website, weedmaps, etc.

WebShop is a simple module which when activated will help you with synchronizing products, stocks & orders between Green Leaf and the WebShop module. With this module, you can open an online shop for your business in minutes and stop worrying about adding Products on multiple platforms, updating stocks, orders & much more.

Features in WebShop module:

  1. Synchronize products and categories from the Green Leaf to your online shopping cart (WebShop).
  2. Update stock details from Green Leaf to your WebShop.
  3. Synchronize Orders from your WebShop to Green leaf.
  4. Assign different pricing for your WebShop. (Using Selling Price Group feature)
  5. Map taxes
  6. Shows the details synchronization logs.
  7. Customizable products field for synchronization during product creation & update.
  8. Synchronize product price Including Tax or Excluding tax.

Read details here.

API Settings

To connect WebShop to Green Leaf PWR, we use the WooCommerce Word Press Plugin. Therefore you will need to have WooCommerce setup on your Wordprovide API details of the WooCommerce shop to setup WebShop.

  1. Generating API key: Generate API keys from by following this instruction as given in WooCommerce documentation.
    • In the permissions select Read/Write access.
  2. Copy Consumer Key & Consumer Secret and paste them in Woocommerce Consumer Key & Woocommerce Consumer Secret.
  3. Woocommerce App URL: Enter the URL where WebShop is set up. For example http://www.greenleafsts.com/yourbusiness
  4. Enable Auto Sync: If you want the data to be auto-synced then enable this option.

Product Sync Settings

  1. Default Tax Class: WebShop assigns a tax class to each item. Here you have to provide the default tax class which is used in WebShop.
  2. Sync Product Price: This specifies if the product price which will be sent to your WebShop that will include or exclude tax.
  3. Default Selling Price Group: Sometimes you may want to have a different price in your WebShop other than what in your Green Leaf system. For that, you can create a Selling price Group in Green Leaf & assign that price group for WebShop. Price Group Document.
  4. Product fields to be synced with WebShop while creating products: Here you can select the fields which will get synced to WebShop from Green Leaf while creating a new product.
  5. Product fields to be synced with WebShop while updating products: Here you can select the fields which will get synced to WebShop from Green Leaf while updating an already created product. This option can be very useful if you want Green Leaf to overwrite some of the fields while updating products.

Using the Module:

You will find the WebShop menu at the bottom of the left navigation bar. Click on it & go to the Sync menu.

Here you will find the options to sync Categories, Products, Orders & Tax.

Sync Product Categories:

Click on this Sync button to synchronize the categories & Sub-Categories present in Green Leaf to WebShop.

Map Tax Rates:

This option is used to map the taxes present in Green Leaf to that of the taxes present in WebShop.

This is useful for adding related tax for a product during creation & updating.

NOTE: You must map the taxes before Synchronizing Products & Orders.

Sync Products:

Synchronizing products is a time-consuming task and take up to 30 minutes or above depending on the number of products. Do not refresh or leave the page while synchronization is under progress.

Simple & Variable products synchronization is supported.

It has 2 options:

Sync only new products:

Using this option only newly created products in Green Leaf are created in WebShop. This option can be less time consuming, again it depends on the number of products.

Sync All:

Using this option all newly created products are created in Green Leaf & existing products are updated. Since it does both the operation of creation & updating it will be more time consuming than the previous option.

Sync Orders:

This option is used to get all orders from your WebShop website to Green Leaf.

All newly created or updated orders after the last sync get added to Green Leaf. A special tag is also added to the order to mark it as an order from WebShop.

NOTE: you can automate this process of syncing orders by enabling “Enable Auto Sync” option in settings.

Reset Synced Categories / Reset Synced Products:

When you click on sync Products it creates the product present in Green Leaf to WebShop. And with this, a link is established between the WebShop Products & Green Leaf Products.
Technically WebShop products ID is stored in Green Leaf database to create a mapping between them.

After you have Synced the products if you click on “Reset Synced Products” then the link will be broken (technically the WebShop product id stored in Green Leaf is deleted and set to null)
This reset is useful when you’re changing the WebShop Website.

After Reset if you click on Sync Products again then it will check for same products SKU present in WebShop, if not present then it will create the product and store the product id in Green Leaf.

Note: deleting of products in WebShop is not required if the SKU for products in WebShop & Green Leaf is the same.

Same applies to Categories also.

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