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[MODULE] Processing and Production

Creating a Process:

  1. To Create a new Process, go to Production -> Process
  2. Click on the add button, it will open a popup, select the product for which you want to add to this process.
  3. Add all ingredients/raw materials, wastage percentage & final quantity.
    Waste percentage mentioned here is waste for the raw ingredients which happens when the ingredient is cleaned, for example a plant will have a certain % wasted when leaves & stems are removed. If the raw materials you’re using doesn’t have wastage you can keep it 0 %, which is default.
    Raw Ingredients: Raw ingredients are taken from the list products. You can mark a raw ingredient as “Not For Sale” if it is not used for selling individually. For example Raw ingredients like butter can be sold, some cannot be.
  4. Waste %:  Enter the waste for final product which can happen because of bad quality or other reasons.
  5. Total Output Quantity: Output quantity for which you expect to yield from the creation process.
  6. Production Cost: Production cost in %, it is calculated from raw ingredients cost.
  7. Process Instructions: Steps to be followed for production of final product from ingredients.

Adding a Process:

  1. To Add a new Process go to Production -> Add Production
  2. Reference No: Optional reference number such as Batch Number (you can keep it blank to auto-generated it).
  3. Business Location: Select the business location where production is done. Raw ingredients stocks will be dedicated from this location & final produced product stock will be added to this location.
  4. Product: Select the product for production. based on selected product it will display all the Raw ingredients from this products creation process.
  5. Quantity: Quantity of final product to be produced. Based on the Raw ingredients quantity will be calculated from the process.
  6. Input Quantity: Input quantity raw ingredients which will be used for production.
  7. Waste Percent: Waste percentage of raw ingredients. For example, if you took 1 Plant – 100 grams, and 20 grams is wastage then wastage percentage is 20%, so 80 grams will be final quantity.
  8. Final quantity: Input Quantity – Waste Percentage
  9. Wasted Quantity: Wastage quantity of final product for any reasons.
  10. Production Cost: Production Cost percentage of ingredients cost.
  11. Finalize checkbox: Check this checkbox to finalize the production, this will remove the stock of raw ingredients & add stocks for manufactured product. After finalize the production cannot be edited.


  1. Production Ref No. prefix: Prefix number when production reference number is auto-generated.
  2. Disable editing ingredients quantity: Disable editing of ingredients when adding a production, this can help to restrict staff from editing raw ingredients


You can set user permissions for this feature. When setting up a new user you will be able to assign role permissions for Process & Production.

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